Perfection Coding

a web design agency that believes in excellence

A web designer who believes in perfection.

Welcome to Perfection Coding, a company that builds and maintains web sites, web properties, and web applications for small to medium-sized businesses. I’m Martyn, founder and primary developer, and I hope your Saturday is going well.

Life is too short to mess with anything but the best. I believe in excellence, I’m good at what I do, and I’m fast with the trigger. If I’m not the perfect match for you, I’ll find someone who is.

My typical client is looking for a database-driven site—preferably in WordPress. I spend the majority of my time integrating custom applications and design within WordPress. I understand its ends and outs and know how to make it sing on any device size.

Whether you’re simply transferring hosting companies or looking to build a new web site from scratch, you can’t lose anything by contacting me today.

Martyn Chamberlin
Founder, Perfection Coding LLC